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Divorce Coaching

Going through a divorce is a challenging situation even at its’ best. Hiring me as your Divorce Coach can make the process more manageable. I have over 12 years experience as a Divorce Coach and routinely work collaboratively with family attorneys and financial professionals to help couples reach a divorce settlement. Often, your attorney is busy and doesn’t have the time or the expertise to guide you through the emotional highs and lows from a divorce. I will listen to your marital narrative, hear and list your goals for the divorce, help you organize throughout the process, guide you as you complete discovery and other paperwork, support you throughout your separation, and help you move forward in to a new stage of life. If needed, I can provide additional support by participating in any of your attorney meetings, settlement meetings, or accompanying you to court. Often two heads are better than one; this extra support is ideal to ensure calm and clarity during a difficult time.


If you have children, custody is an important area of focus in a divorce. I have over 12 years experience helping my clients develop parenting plans that will last throughout their children’s lives. A good parenting plan takes into account child developmental stages, parent schedules, school placement, time with each parent across all activities, is predictable, and has routine. While flexibility is necessary, I encourage parents follow the specifics in their parenting plan for their child’s best development. Using my Family Systems training, I work with both parents, guardians, grandparents, etc., to help them develop and/or manage the best parenting plan for their future. I can help co-parents develop more effective communication strategies and better manage conflict. This service is available for couples divorcing and those who are already divorced and need additional support.

Life Coaching

Using all my experience and training, I can offer a Life Coaching service which is goal oriented and focuses on the present issues and the future. Life Coaching is not therapy, instead I guide my patients to focus on what their current challenges are and how can they be resolved. My experience and solution focused/strength centered approach serves my clients well. I can help you identify goals, set expectations, hold you accountable, and track your progress.

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