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My Services

When I found the Marriage & Family Therapist program, it was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to go to graduate school. I wanted to help people reach their full potential and excelled in the systems approach training. I place a strong emphasis on a strength-based perspective, which believes we are all inherently created for a constructive purpose.

Co-Parenting Counseling

Co-parenting services emphasize the fact that divorced spouses will potentially always be in each other’s lives as they raise their children, and it is in the children’s best interest for their parents to be cooperative and co-parent together. Divorce is fraught with emotional trauma for children. It is strongly recommended divorcing parents do everything possible to minimize the negative impact on the children.

Divorce Coaching

Going through a divorce is a challenging situation even at its’ best. Hiring me as your Divorce Coach can make the process more manageable. I have over 12 years experience as a Divorce Coach and routinely work collaboratively with family attorneys and financial professionals to help couples reach a divorce settlement. Often, your attorney is busy and doesn’t have the time or the expertise to guide you through the emotional highs and lows from a divorce.

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